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Thailand Breeze takes you on an exciting journey through the land of smiles, where you can experience various aspects of Thai culture - ranging from colorful festivals to exotic foods.

You can explore world class scuba diving and the ancient art of muay Thai.

Thailand Breeze also features down to earth travel advice to make your trip more enjoyable.

And even better, you can experience Thailand from a Thai perspective, which allows you to have a deeper understanding of Thailand and its peoples.

So, imagine yourself sitting back, relaxing in the shade of a coconut palm overlooking the glittering blue sea...

Enjoy Thailand Breeze!

Recent Posts

Bangkok Canal Boats
In the past, Bangkok was known as the Venice of the East because of its many canals, called khlong in Thai. At that time, there were no cars and paved roads so many people, including food vendors, who lived along the canals, used small wooden boats...

Everything Is Impermanent
The word impermanence may be new to you. Yet, it plays an important role in Buddhist philosophy. We live in a world that is impermanent, but we want everything in life to be permanent and everlasting. So, what is impermanence? Impermanence means...

How To Open A Mangosteen
There are basically two ways to open a mangosteen, either with your hands or with a knife. Most of the time I open mangosteens with my hands, except when I serve them on a plate, then I use a knife. There are two common techniques to open...

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