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Hua Hin - Suvarnabhumi Airport Shuttle is now in operation to serve the growing number of foreign tourists that visit Hua Hin.

The comfortable VIP buses feature 24 adjustable seats, a toilet and a sizeable luggage compartment. It takes 3-4 hours, depending on traffic, to travel between Hua Hin and Suvarnabhumi Airport. Considering the cost of taking a taxi, the 305-baht ticket is very reasonable.

It's of course possible to make your own way to the airport by public transport, which would be somewhat cheaper but a lot more troublesome, since there are no direct services. By taking Hua Hin - Suvarnabhumi Airport Shuttle, it gets you straight to the Departure terminal on the 4th floor.

Shuttle Schedule

The shuttles run a total of 10 trips per day.

From Hua Hin: 7:00, 9:00, 13:00, 15:00, 18:00

From Suvarnabhumi Airport: 7:30, 9:30, 13:30, 15:30, 18:30

Buying Tickets

Tickets can be bought up to 1 month in advance at Hua Hin Bus Station, Suvarnabhumi Airport (gate 8 on the 1st floor) or online.

Hua Hin Bus Station

The new Hua Hin bus station or Bor Kor Sor Mai was originally known as Sombat Tour Station. It's on Petchkasem Road, about 2.5 kilometers south of the main intersection, which leads to the train station.

When coming from the north, the bus station is on your right-hand side. Very shortly after passing Market Village and Bangkok Hospital, you'll see a side road called Hua Hin Soi 96. The bus station is on the block next to this road, but you need to pass the station in order to make a U-turn.

When approaching Hua Hin from the south, the bus station is 1.2 km from the base of the overpass bridge, which is near Chiva-Som. The station will be on your left-hand side after you pass Hua Hin Soi 96/1.

Additional Shuttle Information

The tickets are non-refundable, however it's possible to change tickets as long as you give two days notice. There is a 50 baht administration fee.

The shuttle from Hua Hin to Suvarnabhumi Airport only stops at Cha-Am bus stop to collect passengers.

The trip takes 3 hours when there is little traffic, but it's a good idea to add another hour in case there are traffic jams in Bangkok.

The baggage allowance is 1 checked-in bag and 1 carry-on bag per seat. However, a maximum of 2 extra baggages are allowed at an additional charge.

A small bottle of water is included in the ticket price.

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