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Here are some basic pointers for orchid lovers on how to get the most out of their cut orchids.

Cutting Orchid Stems

In order for the orchids to stay fresh, submerge the stems in water and cut them the right length. This way the stems will absorb water immediately after cutting.

Note: This technique can also be used with other flowers, such as roses.

If your cut orchids have started to wilt, use the following technique:

Submerge the orchid stems in a tub of water before cutting
Fill a large tub with water. Submerge the stems and cut them the right length. After cutting, let the orchids float in the water for at least 15 minutes. Make sure the fresh cuts are under water at all times...

You'll notice that the flowers freshen up. Then, it's time to arrange the orchids in a vase, which will add a tropical touch to your place.

Cut-Orchid Care

Here's how to revive cut orchids that have started to wilt after a few days in a vase. You may never have noticed it, but wilted flowers can affect you in negative ways. At any rate, it makes the flower vase look unattractive. The bottom line is that it creates a gloomy atmosphere.

Actually, the easiest way to deal with it is to throw them in the garbage and to buy a new bouquet of flowers. However, if only some of the flowers have wilted, you could always save the fresh ones.

Arranging your beautiful orchids in a vase
For starters, it's a good idea to wear plastic gloves since orchid stems, that have been in water for a few days, usually have an unpleasant smell. Rinse the stems, that have been in contact with water in the vase. Then, remove the wilted flowers.

Next, submerge the stems in water and cut off any parts that have started to rot, to rejuvenate the flowers.

The final task is to rearrange the flowers in the vase.

Just follow these simply steps to enjoy your orchids longer. It can be a lively bouquet, even though you will have less flowers to display.

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