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When you visit Thailand, it’s a good idea to know a little bit about refreshing drinks, since it's so hot. One of my favorites is a red salacca flavored syrup called Hale’s Blue Boy. Salacca is a palm fruit that is called sala in Thai.

Thais call the syrup nam waan Hale's Blue Boy. Nam means water while waan means sweet. Actually, Hale's Blue Boy comes in a few different flavors, such as green cream soda, but the red salacca flavor is the most popular one.

These fruit syrups are based on artificial ingredients, however, they are really tasty and refreshing.


Red Hale's Blue Boy is a salacca flavored fruit syrup in Thailand.

Salacca is a palm fruit. If you would like to taste it, you can find salacca at local markets, especially from May to August. The skin is covered with fine thorns, which makes it quite difficult to peel. It's possible though, to buy peeled salacca that is wrapped in plastic film.

Hale's Blue Boy Syrup

Red Hale's Blue Boy with soda is popular among Thais.

Salacca flavored Hale's Blue Boy is widely used by Thai vendors, who sell traditional-style tea & coffee, fruit shakes and shaved ice desserts. The unique bottle is easily recognized. Beware of imitation brands like Thai Boy and Horn Boy, that use very similar labels. One thing is for sure, none of the imitations beats the original brand.

A salacca flavored milk drink with ice called nom yen is a favorite beverage among kids. Another refreshing drink is soda mixed with red Hale's Blue Boy over ice, known as dang soda. A squeeze of lime, is all it takes to give it a tropical touch. Fruit shakes flavored with salacca syrup are also popular.

Shaved ice with red Hale's Blue Boy syrup.

Shaved ice dessert or nam kaeng sai with Hale's Blue Boy syrup is really common around Thailand. The toppings, such as bread cubes, grass jelly and triangular sticky rice are displayed in jars. The last step is to sprinkle sweetened condensed milk and syrup on top.

When I was young, my mom prepared salacca flavored Hale's Blue Boy drinks, called nam dang, by mixing the syrup with water and adding ice cubes. Sometimes, I mixed my own by adding the syrup to fresh milk, which is yummy. These drinks are really refreshing, especially on a hot day. So, why not giving it a try!

You can buy salacca flavored Hale's Blue Boy at most supermarkets and convenience stores. Opened bottles can be stored at room temperature.

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