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Most of the time body language can get you a long way in foreign countries. At the same time, some body language you're familiar with from back home may not be understood in Thailand.

In this post, I will introduce you to a gesture that means "come here", which is also used in other parts of Southeast Asia.

"Come Here" Gesture

Learn about Thai body language

Although it's different from the way you do it in the West, it's pretty easy to learn.

First, put your right arm in front of you. Keep it still with the palm facing down. The position of your hand should be about face level.

Then, wave all the fingers excluding the thumb, back and forth a few times.

This gesture is often used in Thailand when calling young children or waving down taxis. A lot of Thais say ma-nee which means "come here" while gesturing to children. A tip to help you remember this phrase is that it sounds a bit like "money" in English.

Keep in mind that it's considered rude in Thailand to gesture like this to anyone who's older than you. In addition, it's not proper to use it to call over monks, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, government officers, police and military officers, instructors or guests.

Instead, we would say churn tang nee kha/krap (kha for female speakers and krap for male speakers). This phrase means "please come this way".

Next time you visit Thailand, try this gesture when you want to call a taxi or a tuk tuk. Then, you'll see how easy it is...

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