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Since Thais enjoy eating between meals, you can find street vendors at almost every street corner round Thailand. Thai deep fried bananas are one of the most popular treats among children and adults alike.

Thais call this dessert either kluay khaeg or kluay tod. In Thai, one meaning of the word khaeg is muslim. Kluay khaeg is a Thai dessert that has been influenced by the muslim way of cooking deep fried jackfruit, in southern Thailand and Malaysia.

There is a breed of jackfruit called jampada, which is widely grown in the south of Thailand. In Malaysia, it's known as cempedak. Deep fried jampada or jampada tod has been a popular snack in that region for a long time.

It's prepared by dipping the jackfruit into a batter made of rice flour and shredded coconut meat. Then, it's deep fried until it turns golden brown. When Thais prepare deep fried bananas, using this muslim recipe and method, they call it kluay khaeg.

Another name for this dessert is kluay tod simply because tod means deep fried in Thai.

Deep fried banana vendors often sell other deep fried foods as well, including sweet potatoes or mun and taros or puak. Deep fried sweet potatoes are called mun tod, while deep fried taros are puak tod.

Deep fried banana stalls are common all over Thailand.
Deep fried banana vendors sell this dessert in paper bags to keep it crispy.

Preparing Thai deep fried bananas in Thailand.
Just ripe Thai bananas called kluay nam wah is the main ingredient
in deep fried banana dessert.

Here you can see the batter for Thai deep fried bananas.
The deep fried banana mixture ingredients include shredded coconut meat,
rice flour, peanuts and sesame seeds. Some vendors also add
sliced pandan leaves to give it a nice fragrance.

Putting the battered bananas in the boiling oil to make deep fried bananas.
The battered bananas are placed in boiling hot oil.

It's a skill to make Thai deep fried bananas.
The bananas are deep fried until they turn golden brown.

Deep frying Thai bananas until they turn golden brown.
Deep fried bananas is a common dessert sold by street vendors. It's quite
a process to prepare and requires professional skills to make it
delicious, so hardly anyone cooks it at home.

This is what Thai deep fried bananas look like when it's done.
Deep fried bananas or kluay khaeg is usually sold together with deep fried
sweet potatoes or mun tod and deep fried taros or puak tod.

Deep fried mashed sweet potato balls in Thailand.
Deep fried, mashed sweet potato balls are called khai nok krata which means
quail egg, since they look alike. A short name for it is khai nok.
Some vendors sell them together with deep fried bananas.

Warm deep fried bananas are delicious. They also make a yummy dessert when served with vanilla or coconut milk ice-cream.

If you travel to Thailand, you can find deep fried bananas all year round, in every province. However, in order to try the original muslim recipe of deep fried jampada, opt to visit the south of Thailand, especially Satun province, between July and August since that's jampada season.

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