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While spending your holiday in Thailand, there may be a time when you would like to express your congratulations, sympathy or give support to a Thai person you have got to know.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to the easiest way to do so. For any of you who wants to learn more formal phrases, they’ll be included in the article too.


Here you can listen to the most common phrases in this section:

Yin dee means glad or pleased

Duay means also

The meaning of yin dee duay is congratulations

Here are different ways to express your congratulations, starting with the simplest one.

Yin dee duay kha/krap

Kha and krap are words that Thais put at the end of any sentence or phrase to be polite.

Another common phrase is:

Yin dee duay na kha/krap

The word na doesn’t really have any meaning and is used as a tag at the end of phrases.

If you talk to a kid or a close friend, you can skip the kha/krap and simply say:

Yin dee duay na

It becomes formal by adding kor sadang kwam at the beginning of the phrase. This means, "May I express..."

Kor sadang kwam yin dee duay kha/krap means may I express my congratulations

These phrases can be used in the following situations:

- Getting engaged or married

- Having a child

- Moving into a new house

- Getting promoted at work

- Receiving any kind of award or honor for one’s achievements, such as being the employee of a year, winning a beauty or singing contest.

I'm Happy For You - Dee Jai Duay

Dee means good

Jai means heart

Duay means also

Dee jai means happy

The meaning of Dee Jai Duay is I'm happy for you

Dee jai duay kha/krap is the polite form of I'm happy for you

Thais use the expression in the following situations:

- Winning the lottery

- Winning a big prize

- Winning a sports competition, such as a soccer match

- Getting a pay raise

- Passing an exam

Offering Condolences - Sia Jai Duay

When giving a condolence card in Thailand, we usually say sia jai duay.

Here you can listen to some of the phrases in this section:

Sia jai means sorry

Duay means also

The meaning of sia jai duay is I'm sorry

You can add kha/krap, na and kor sadang kwam the same way you add them to the phrase yin dee duay.

Here are the ways to say I'm sorry in Thai:

Sia jai duay kha/krap is the polite form of I'm sorry

Sia jai duay na kha/krap is a variation of the polite form of I'm sorry

Sia jai duay na is used when speaking to close friends or children

Kor sadang kwam sia jai duay kha/krap means may I express my condolences

You can use the phrases in these situations:

- At funerals

- When someone is going through difficulties, for example theft, fire or natural disasters

Supporting And Encouraging Phrases

When you’re with a person who is going through difficult times, you can encourage them by using these phrases:

Khem kaeng na kha/krap means be strong!

Pen kumlung jai hai kha/krap means I support you mentally or I’ll be by your side

Sue sue means fight. Say it with a lot of energy!

Good luck with your Thai practice!

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