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Let's continue with some basic words:

Paeng = expensive while

T-hook = cheap

The "ae" in paeng is pronounced like the "a" in "bang"

Paeng pai = Too expensive

Pronounce pai like "pie"

Bargaining In Thailand

In Thailand, you can usually bargain at markets and in private stores. The land of smiles is known to be a shoppers' paradise where you can get good deals. As a visitor, it can take some time to figure out what the goods are worth.

Easy Thai phrases for shopping in Thailand
At local markets, vendors won't mark up the price a great deal. The mark up may be about 1-20 baht for inexpensive goods and more for expensive items. How much you bargain is entirely up to you. However, it's better to be reasonable when you bargain.

I once saw a foreign visitor bargaining. He offered so little it wouldn't even cover half of what the vendor had paid for the item. It's likely that the vendor takes offense at this kind of bargaining because the vendor might think that you see no value in the product.

To ask for a discount, simply say:

Lod dai mai?

Can you give a discount?

Lod = discount

The vendor would give you one of these two answers:

(Lod) dai = yes, I can   or   (lod) mai dai = No, I can't.

The vendor will quote you a lower price if she agrees to offer you a discount.

If somehow, you think that it's still too expensive and would like to get even more discount, you can say:

Lod eek dai mai?

Can you give more discount?

In touristic places, certain vendors may try to overcharge foreigners and Thais who look well-to-do. Thus, if you have the time, it's a good idea to check out the prices in a few different stores before buying. Also try to observe how much Thais pay for the same goods.

When you're still not sure if you want to buy the item that the vendor shows you, you can say the following with a smile before continuing to the next shop:

Kau kid doo gone

Let me think it over.

Useful Thai Vocabulary

Tang-mod tao rai?

What is the total price?

Pronounce the "a" in tang like the "u" in "lung"

Seu = buy

Tung tawn = change (balance of money)

At outdoor markets you may come across big price tags on piles of goods such a pants and t-shirts, which normally means that the vendor already offers a special deal. In this case, you shouldn't bargain.

Practice these phrases and enjoy your shopping!

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