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In Thailand, where culture still plays an important part in people's lives, kissing in public is not accepted. Yet, there is a form of kissing you can see in the open. That's a sniff kiss or hawm, in Thai. This word also means "good smell."

What Is Sniff Kissing?

A sniff kiss is a way to show affection, in an endearing fashion. It's an expression of love, warmth and care. It's also used to show gratitude and appreciation.

It's easy to sniff kiss. Instead of kissing with the lips, fold your lips inwards. Then, press your nose gently against the other person's cheek while giving it a long sniff.

Who Sniff Kisses

A mother in Thailand sniff kissing her baby
Sniff kissing is a joyful gesture. Mothers often sniff kiss their kids to express love and care. Even when the children are adults, moms sometimes sniff kiss them to show appreciation. Moreover, sniff kissing is a way to say thank you.

Fathers, also give sniff kisses to their children, but only when they are young.

Adults find it cute when little kids sniff kiss each other. While older siblings enjoy sniff kissing their baby brothers and sisters to show their love. Likewise, adults who are close to a family, like to sniff kiss their infants, as they hold them and play with them.

Friends, however, won't sniff kiss each other the same way Westerners kiss on the cheeks when they meet. In Thailand, it's frowned upon when a couple expresses affection by kissing in public. A sniff kiss is more acceptable.

At Thai wedding receptions, the groom is usually asked to kiss the bride. He would normally give her a sniff kiss on the cheek, instead of kissing her on the lips. Often, this makes the bride blush.

Thais often associate French kissing with sex. Therefore, it's not tolerated in public.

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