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If you plan to travel in Thailand, it's helpful to know about Thai squat toilets. Although toilets are not that pleasant to talk about, it’s something we all need to use daily. Since western-style toilets are not available in most rural places, why not learn about Thai squat toilets so you know what they look like and how to use them.

A squat toilet is a kind of toilet that has a toilet bowl installed in the floor, unlike western-style toilets that you sit on. Hence, you need to sit in a squatting position in order to use it.

Actually, there are two types of squat toilets in Thailand, one that has a toilet pan built in to the floor, while the other one is raised about 25 centimeters.

In order to use a squat toilet, position your feet on the foot platform, which is part of the bowl. Then, sit in a squatting position, facing away from the hole of the toilet.

A typical Thai squat toilet with a water bucket and a scoop.

Most squat toilets in Thailand don’t have a water tank for flushing. Instead, there is usually a bucket and a water scoop. To flush the toilet, simply scoop water from the bucket and pour it into the toilet bowl.

Some Thai squat toilets have a bidet shower, which is a small shower head with a trigger, at the end of a hose. It's for anal cleansing, but can also be used to rinse the toilet bowl after use. Unfortunately, at public toilets round Thailand, the bidet shower is often times rather dirty.

What is more, it's a good idea to bring your own wet wipes, toilet paper and soap, since they are rarely provided at public toilets, in Thailand.

Since most of you may be new to squat toilets, I would like to recommend a really clear article, written by a westerner. Here you can learn how to use a squat toilet, step by step. The fun drawings in the post definitely make it easy to follow!

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