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In Thailand, sticky rice is not only a staple food in the north and northeast, it's also used to make desserts that can be found in every part of the country.

Kao tom mud, or steamed sticky rice with banana filling, is a common Thai dessert. It is wrapped in banana leaf, and two pieces are tied together as a pair.

In the old days, kao tom mud was a symbol for couples. These days, a number of couples in rural parts of Thailand, still believe that if they offer kao tom mud to monks during the Buddhist Lent, they will have a happy marriage. Some Thai couples even give away wedding souvenirs that resemble kao tom mud.

Kao tom mud is a popular Thai snack with banana filling.

The main ingredients in kao tom mud are sticky rice, coconut milk, black beans, sugar and ripe bananas. Kao tom mud is prepared in the following steps: The soaked sticky rice is placed in boiling coconut milk. The mixture has to be stirred throughout the process. After boiling it for about 30 minutes, sugar and a bit of salt are mixed in.

An old Thai woman is preparing Thai steamed sticky rice dessert.

Once it is cooked, boiled black beans are added. Then, the mixture is wrapped in banana leafs, with a piece of ripe banana in the middle. The final step is to steam the kao tom mud for about an hour.

Steaming kao tom mud wrapped in banana leaf in Thailand.

This dessert is available at most open-air markets around Thailand, such as local weekly markets, night markets, walking street and at bus and train stations. Many times, it is also sold in front of the vendor's home.

Freshly steamed kao tom mud is delicious. When it's warm, the sticky rice is really tender and you can smell the aroma of the steamed banana leaf.

Kao tom mud can be stored in the fridge for a few days, as it is well-protected in the banana leaf wrapping. Thais have it both as a snack and a dessert. Eating kao tom mud can make you sleepy, since the sticky rice is really filling.

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