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Baan Forty is a spacious resort in the south of Thailand. The 130-meter beach-front property is located on the secluded Klongwahn beach, which makes it the perfect place for your vacation.

You might have seen or heard the word baan in guesthouse or hotel names in Thailand before. Baan means home or residence, in Thai.

As the name Baan Forty Resort” suggests, the resort is like your home away from home.

When Police Colonel Lek, who is a member of the Forty family, built his home here over 30 years ago, he named it Baan Forty.

Later on, his wife Khun Rosana decided to start a family-run resort featuring a few bungalows, so they simply used the same name for the resort.

Resort Location

Bungalows nestled among coconut palms in Thailand
The resort is nestled in a coconut plantation on Klongwahn beach, about 300 km south of Bangkok or 100 km south of Thailand's first beach resort, known as Hua Hin.

It's located in Prachuap Khirikhan, a province featuring a 220-km stretch of white sandy beaches.

About Baan Forty

Baan Forty Resort is a private-beach resort with a long beach front. Among exotic coconut palms, you will find bungalows and rooms spread out in the lush gardens.

The spacious grounds of 2.3 acres or 9,600 sq.m., gives you the freedom to stroll around and explore all sorts of plants grown on the premises; fruit trees, flower shrubs, Thai herbs and an abundance of exotic orchids.

Fruits And Flowers

Because of the founders' passion for growing fruit trees and plants, you can see various types of fruits including mango, rose apple, star fruit, dragon fruit, tamarind, jack fruit etc.

Thai noni fruit is a superfood
You might have heard of noni fruit, a popular superfood. At Baan Forty Resort you can see the real thing growing on the tree!

Many kinds of fragrant Thai flowers, including jasmine can be found in the gardens. There are also plenty of colorful orchids.

Room Types

Baan Forty Resort offers a few types of rooms, mainly a/c bungalows and a/c rooms. Two choices of bungalows are available; three single bungalows and one two-story bungalow. There is free wifi throughout the resort.

Rooms are either in one or two-story buildings. Both the bungalows and the rooms have verandas where you can hangout and enjoy the ocean view. Every room features a/c, cable tv, refrigerator and hot water.

Even if you prefer fresh air over a/c, you can open the windows to get a refreshing ocean breeze.

For Nature Lovers

Since Baan Forty Resort is away from the center of Klongwahn village, the grounds are serene and quiet.

During the day you can hear the birds chirping and at night the crickets singing.
Experience a majestic sunrise in Thailand
The soothing sound of crashing waves and the rippling sound of bamboo leaves gives you peace of mind.

If you're lucky, you might even see a school of dolphins swimming in the ocean in front of the resort!

Early risers can watch the majestic sunrise over the horizon. Likewise, night owls can enjoy star gazing on the beach. Running after wind crabs or pu lom is fun for the kids...

The crabs come out at night and love to play in the light from your flash light. Just make sure you don't shake hands with them!


You can enjoy various activities while staying at Baan Forty Resort:

Bicycle holiday in Thailand
Explore the area by bicycle or motorcycle

Boat trips to the nearby islands

Sites to visit in the area:

The Thai-Burmese border called Dan Singkhon

King Mongkut Memorial Park and Waghor Aquarium

The Huay Yang Waterfall

Ao Manao (Manao bay)

Mirror Hill called Kao Chong Krajok – a hill-top temple

Wat Ao Noi – reclining Buddhas in a cave

Baan Forty Resort has something for everyone...

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