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Phetchaburi is the first province on the way to Thailand's southern peninsula and it's known for its master craftsmen.

Although these traditional Thai crafts have become rare, you can still observe professional craftsmen at work during the Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair that is held in April every year.

The event takes place on a hill called Phra Nakhon Khiri or Khao Wang, which is located in Phetchaburi city center.

You can reach the top of the hill either by following the cobble stone path or by cable car.

On one of the main hill tops, there is a palace that was built during the reign of King Rama IV.

Here are some photos taken at the Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair.

Traditional Thai khon mask
Khon Mask Making. This khon mask represents one of the giants in the Ramayana, which is one of the two Sanskrit epics of ancient India. You can see the paper mold to the left of the mask.

Stucco sculpture of muay Thai fighters in Thailand
Stucco. Here is a sculpture of muay Thai fighters. Traditional stucco was mostly used as decorations in temples; such as at the gables, door and window frames.

Traditional banana stalk carving in Thailand
Banana Stalk Carving. Phetchaburi is well known for its banana stalk carving craft. Traditionally, they were used to decorate crematoriums during funerals.

Traditional leather engraving in Thailand
Leather Engraving. These characters are also from the Ramayana. In Phetchaburi, the grand shadow plays were only staged at the royal courts and performed until King Rama V reign.

Traditional Thai wood carving in Phetchaburi
Wood carving work is commonly found on temple doors and windows. The work is usually enhanced by lacquering and gilding.

Gilding and glass decorating in Thailand
Gilding And Glass Decorating. Stucco, as well as wood carving work are often finished with gilding and glass decorating. You can find these traditional crafts at temples. Glass decorations are often found on the columns of ordination halls and at the temple gables.

If you can't make it to the Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair, Phetchaburi Crafts Demonstration Center is the place to see the work of former and present master craftsmen.

The center is located on Damnernkasame Road in Phetchaburi and is open daily, even on public holidays.

The opening hours are 9am – 4pm.

Admission is free.

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