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Considering that Thailand is a Buddhist country, you may find it surprising that most Thais eat meat. However, many Buddhist Thais eat vegetarian food on certain days. This usually includes their birthday, the day of the week they were born and Buddhist holy days called wan phra, particularly special occasions such as Vesak.

Because of the low demand for vegetarian food, it’s quite difficult to find vegetarian restaurants around Thailand, except during the annual, 10-day vegetarian festival, which is held in October.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to a restaurant that offers a vegetarian buffet in Klongwahn, Prachuap Khiri Khan, a town located in the narrowest part of Thailand.

Vegetarian Restaurant In Klongwahn

A nice vegetarian restaurant in Klongwahn, Thailand.

Raan Pa Pang is the only vegetarian restaurant in Klongwahn. It offers a vegetarian buffet for just 30 baht per person.

Food Choices

A Thai vegetarian restaurant with a moderately priced buffet.

This moderately priced buffet has a minimum of 4 choices, both mild and spicy dishes. In addition, there is a vegetarian chili paste with fresh vegetables at the table. You can eat as much food as you like, just make sure that you finish whatever you put on your plate; if not, you may be charged double the price.

A delicious meal at a vegetarian restaurant in Klongwahn, Thailand.

There are more choices of food once a week, on Buddhist holy days, which follows the lunar calendar. That is the first quarter moon, full moon, third quarter moon and new moon.

The restaurant also has take away from the buffet.

You can help yourself to free drinking water or buy drinks at the food souvenir shop next door, which is known for its light cakes. They also sell snacks such as sundried bananas, crackers filled with pineapple paste, roasted peanuts and freshly ground black sesame.

Location And Opening Hours

Raan Pa Pang vegetarian restaurant is on PrachuapNong Hin Road. Starting from the south gate of Wing 5 air force base, go south along the hill for about 1.2 km. That takes you to the first traffic lights. From there, take the right fork and continue straight for about 1 km and you’ll see the restaurant on your right-hand side.

The restaurant is open daily from 7 a.m. to about 3 p.m. It’s a good idea to go early in the morning, to enjoy freshly cooked food.

Vegetarian Restaurants In Prachuap Town

If you prefer made-to-order vegetarian food, there are 2 vegetarian restaurants in central Prachuap, which is about 7 km from Klongwahn.

Suan Krua

Located next to Maggie’s Homestay on Soi 4 Tampramuk Road.

Kireeboon Vegetarian Food

Located on Sala Cheep Road, across from the Police apartments that are behind Prachuap Police Station.

Both restaurants are open from about 7 a.m. until the early afternoon.

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