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Here are some photos I've taken of animals in their natural state - pure and simple. They've taught me quite a bit about spirituality.

If we take a close look at human society, we'll soon notice that it's more cruel than that of the animals.

It's true that animals use their sharp claws, teeth and venom when attacking their preys. The truth is, they attack for survival - to protect their lives and species. Unlike the animals, most of the time humans attack others to serve their ego.

Our world is becoming increasingly unpleasant. The more I learn about animal instincts, the better I understand my own nature...

Fighting For Survival

Animals fight for survival while humans fight to serve their ego.

Animals fight for survival.
Humans mostly fight to serve their own ego.


Animals kill to satisfy their hunger while humans kill because of anger.

Animals kill to satisfy their hunger.
Humans kill because of desire and anger.

Trapping The Prey

Animals trap their preys with their actions while humans trap their enemies with words.

Animals trap their preys with their actions.
Humans trap their enemies with actions and words.

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