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If you want to experience real Thailand, you should go to the weekly local markets. There, you can buy authentic local Thai food and find a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Even better, you can save quite a bit of money too!

Thais call weekly local markets talad nut. Talad is market in Thai, while nut means appointment. The weekly local markets run once or twice a week, unlike the smaller daily local markets. The weekly local markets operate at fixed locations, on set times and days of the week. Rural Thais often skip the word talad and simply call it nut, followed by the name of the area or a landmark.

Most weekly local markets are open-air and they run either in the mornings or afternoons. The vendors usually put their goods on simple tables; otherwise, the produce is placed on canvas, on the ground.

There are many foods sold at weekly local markets, including raw meats and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked Thai food in pots and trays, grilled fish, sushi, deep-fried chicken and pork, fresh rice noodles with sauces, papaya salad, made to order spicy salad called yum, boiled corn on the cob, cut fruits, baked goods, desserts, hot and cold drinks, uncooked rice, dried food and other local Thai foods.

Besides fresh produce and foods, goods such as flower bouquets and garlands, clothes, cds, plastic items, tools, herbal balms and even lingerie can often be found at local Thai markets.

At the weekly local markets round Thailand, they sell fish and seafood.
Fresh fish and squid.

A vendor at a weekly local market in Prachuap selling fish and vegetables.
Fresh vegetables, fish and lotus seed heads (in the lower right corner.)

Cooked food at a weekly local market in Prachuap, Thailand.
Cooked Thai food in stainless bowls and trays.

A vendor at a weekly local market in Thailand selling papaya salad.
Papaya salad is called som tam and spicy fruit salad is known as som tam polamai.

Raw vegetables and pineapples at a weekly local market in Thailand.
Raw vegetables and pineapples (whole and cut.)

Fresh vegetables at a weekly local market in Prachuap, Thailand.
Fresh vegetables.

If you’re in the Prachuap town area, you have 6 choices of weekly local markets. All of them are open in the afternoons, around 3–6 p.m. The vendors sell their goods in the same spot every week. Here are the names, locations and the opening days:

Talad Nut Tang Rot Fai
Since rot fai means train in Thai, it's also called just talad rot fai. This is the biggest weekly local market in Prachuap that offers the widest selection of goods. In addition, it's the only weekly local market with a roof in Prachuap town. Its central location makes it practical to walk there from your guest house or hotel. There is a total of 8 buildings, with mostly cooked food in buildings 6,7 and 8.

Location: About 200-300 meters south of Prachuap Railway Station, along Maha Raj 1 Road that runs parallel to the train track.

Opening days: Mondays and Thursdays

Talad Nut Trong Kham Prapa
Location: Across from Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Waterworks Authority, which is next to Prachuap Prison, on Prachuap Khiri Khan Road. This is the main road from town to Petchkasem Road.

Opening days: Tuesdays and Sundays

Talad Nut Muang
Location: On the right side of Koh Lak Road (coming form Prachuap town), between Sang Arun building supplies and Chatchawan Mansion. It's next to a small road that is a shortcut to Tesco Lotus supermarket.

Opening days: Fridays

Talad Nut Nong Sua
Location: Coming from Prachuap town, take Prachuap Khiri Khan Road and cross Petchkasem onto Rural Road Prachuap Khiri Khan 11023. It's about a kilometer down on the left-hand side.

Opening days: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Talad Nut Klongwahn
Location: From Wing 5 air force base, it's about 500 meters down on the right side of the road, just before the traffic lights at the entrance of Klongwahn village.

Opening days: Thursdays and Sundays

Talad Nut Suan Kwan
Location: From the main entrance to Prachuap town, go southbound for about 10 kilometers on Petchkasem Road. After passing Bangjak gas station, with a green leaf logo, you come to a u-turn. The market is on the right-hand side.

Opening days: Tuesdays and Fridays

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